Together to help pets and humans

Together to help pets and humans

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

News about Bunny this puppy grew, he's very tall and beautiful now

We are happy to receive a photo of Bunny, this little puppy was found into a bush in november 2012. The VAC took care of him then he found a new family.

Yesterday, the new owner sent us a pic of Bunny, splendid adult dog

It's a real pleasure for us to see that dogs we saved are still living in a loving family. All our efforts to protect abused pets but also the motivation of more and more people who help us each day, to rescue a few animals means one thing, vietnamese mentalities are evoluting... We hope that one day, no more restaurants will offer any dog or cat meat on their menu!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

An easy way to help abused dogs and cats

 The VAC team decided to make tee-shirts to sensitize tourists visiting Vietnam but also Vietnamese. Cruelty and abuse are still very important, our dogs and cats are killed everyday to satisfy some crappy restaurants.

Your generous support helps provide comfort and care to abused animals, and the expert medical care and rehabilitation each needs to become strong and healthy to  be adopted into new, loving homes. Your support also gives voice to countless other animals through strong education and advocacy initiatives. Thank you for helping save animal lives!

The price: 250 000 VND less than USD12

The t-shirts are available from size S to XXL only in Ho Chi Minh city for the moment but we can send by post in other vietnamese cities, due to the high cost of parcels it's difficult to send to any other countries for the moment, charges will be more important than the price of the t-shirts :)

Please have a look on the Vietnam Animals Cruelty for more details

Many thanks for your help!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Help them by sponsoring cats and dogs, 1 call for 2 meals

Hi pet lovers,

Thank you so much for all the pet lovers following us on facebook and twitter. As you know or may be not yet, we added on the adoption cat pages links to help each animal.

Our main goal is:
1 - to be able to feed each pet every day

2 - to be able to vaccinate ans sterilize each animal
3 - to be able to build a peaceful place, a shelter to protect against mugglers until we could find for them a new loving family

On each adoption page you will see two kind of buttons, the first one is if you want to become a sponsor to help one animal until we find a new place for him. The second button allows you to make a call (1 call = 2 meals).
Using allopass or starpass, for each call or sms we will receive around 1 euro sometimes a bit less depending of the countries. With this small amount we will be able to feed a cat or a small dog for one day.

I invite you to see all our available cats

You can also discover the following funny videos that we made during the hitten meal, enjoy!

Thanks for your help

Friday, August 3, 2012

4 kitten are looking for a new home in Ho Chi Minh city

If you are living in Ho Chi Ming city or near to this area, that you love pets, Panther, Papi, Jex and Dexter need a new family, people that can take care of them. Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to receive more informations about those lovely kitten. Click on each photo to get some details... We are counting on you!

 Panther  Papi
 Jex  Dexter

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Opening a shelter for cats and dogs

Hi everyone!

At the end of July 2012, we are pleased to announce you that we have found a nice plot of 1600m2, with many trees (perfect to stay in the shade). There are a lot of work to clean the green but this large area will allow the establishment of a shelter that can accommodate many cats and dogs.

Here are the pictures:

Our biggest challenge shall be to find the necessary funds to enclose the all area and build a habitat for cats and
boxes for dogs.
A friend who uses to build houses, told me about 800 millions dongs (about 32,000 euros), for this
We have already received some small second-hand furniture. This is an estimate but I think it should
not be very far from the truth in relation to the cost of materials (bricks, cement, sand, stones, wire ...).

Our project will be divided into several stages because of lack of money:

- Build the fence, the most important is to secure the site.
- Clean up the site and prepare the boxes for dogs and a place for cats, a room to
store food, maintain first aid and reception areas for the newcomers.

I talk about a refuge but should rather call it a welcome home for animals abandoned, neglected,
abused, sequestered or even tortured.
These dogs and cats will receive medical care providing by a vet partner before their arrival at the
shelter (sterilization, vaccination ...). After their recovery , we will seek their new host families who
will provide them a new life of love and respect.

We are aware of that some animals will find no takers because they will be disabled or too ill, perhaps too old, that's why the shelter will be a place where they could end their lives without being beaten.
On the contrary they will receive attention every day.

If you want to become a sponsor of this project and help us make it happen faster, we have opened a donation link

If everyone donates even a few dollars, this is a new brick that will be laid.
Stay tuned for the following of this project...