Together to help pets and humans

Together to help pets and humans

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Help them by sponsoring cats and dogs, 1 call for 2 meals

Hi pet lovers,

Thank you so much for all the pet lovers following us on facebook and twitter. As you know or may be not yet, we added on the adoption cat pages links to help each animal.

Our main goal is:
1 - to be able to feed each pet every day

2 - to be able to vaccinate ans sterilize each animal
3 - to be able to build a peaceful place, a shelter to protect against mugglers until we could find for them a new loving family

On each adoption page you will see two kind of buttons, the first one is if you want to become a sponsor to help one animal until we find a new place for him. The second button allows you to make a call (1 call = 2 meals).
Using allopass or starpass, for each call or sms we will receive around 1 euro sometimes a bit less depending of the countries. With this small amount we will be able to feed a cat or a small dog for one day.

I invite you to see all our available cats

You can also discover the following funny videos that we made during the hitten meal, enjoy!

Thanks for your help