Together to help pets and humans

Together to help pets and humans

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

News about Bunny this puppy grew, he's very tall and beautiful now

We are happy to receive a photo of Bunny, this little puppy was found into a bush in november 2012. The VAC took care of him then he found a new family.

Yesterday, the new owner sent us a pic of Bunny, splendid adult dog

It's a real pleasure for us to see that dogs we saved are still living in a loving family. All our efforts to protect abused pets but also the motivation of more and more people who help us each day, to rescue a few animals means one thing, vietnamese mentalities are evoluting... We hope that one day, no more restaurants will offer any dog or cat meat on their menu!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

An easy way to help abused dogs and cats

 The VAC team decided to make tee-shirts to sensitize tourists visiting Vietnam but also Vietnamese. Cruelty and abuse are still very important, our dogs and cats are killed everyday to satisfy some crappy restaurants.

Your generous support helps provide comfort and care to abused animals, and the expert medical care and rehabilitation each needs to become strong and healthy to  be adopted into new, loving homes. Your support also gives voice to countless other animals through strong education and advocacy initiatives. Thank you for helping save animal lives!

The price: 250 000 VND less than USD12

The t-shirts are available from size S to XXL only in Ho Chi Minh city for the moment but we can send by post in other vietnamese cities, due to the high cost of parcels it's difficult to send to any other countries for the moment, charges will be more important than the price of the t-shirts :)

Please have a look on the Vietnam Animals Cruelty for more details

Many thanks for your help!